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How Gas Grills Work and How to Do the Best Setup

Grilling is one of the most famous ways of cooking. Around 75% of the households in the United States posses a grill. A grill has a cooking surface that is made of metal bars over a source of fuel that can generate intense heat. The heat is usually 260 degrees celsius or more.

Eating barbecue outdoors is a very enjoyable moment, especially together with your family. Having the perfect grill can make the food taste good, and can make a big difference. Gas grills are a great time-savers when cooking outdoors because they heat up around 15 minutes.

A gas grill works by igniting the gas from the grill. This can be done by the igniter. You can find numerous grills in the market, which provides you with numerous options when you plan to buy a grill. They vary in shapes, sizes, features, and etc. Compact grills provide the portability you need when you plan to go camping with you family. Bigger gas grills are efficient and handy when cooking large amount of food, and with less mess compared to other types of grills.

As mentioned above, gas grills can be found in different shapes and sizes. The gas grill that you get should match to your cooking requirements. Portable gas grills range from 10 to 40 pounds. You can also buy portable propane tanks for these types of grills. If home cooking is your passion, then a bigger grill is what you need. You can find all kinds of gas grills on the internet.

Unlike other types of grills, gas grills include different kinds of cooking surfaces. BBQ surface, ribbed grill, and an apartment grill are just some of them. There are some grills that have work-type surfaces to rise dishes or and smoker pasta, or even a full set of rotisserie that lets you cook rotisserie chicken.

If you are hosting a big party or cooking food for a bigger family, then you should consider a gas grill that has a bigger cooking area. The surface may also include several types of cooking surfaces.

If you think of it, gas grills are more advanced compared to the conventional grills we have. It is because they have more mechanical parts compared to other grills. You will probably spend from 50 dollars to 400 dollars.

Gas Grill Setup for Cooking Delicious Food

The secret to making the food taste great is by controlling/monitoring the time and temperature of the grill. When cooking food, do not use intense heat, use the indirect moist heat instead. This is called Indirect Grilling, and is actually one of the key concepts in mastering outdoor grilling.

Indirect grilling implies that the food is cooked by hot circulating air. This is like a convection oven. Indirect grilling is a slower method of cooking since less heat is given. If you want to know more about this, you should check out your grill’s manual for precise instructions. If you have a gas grill with two burners, after preheating with both burners, turn off the one burner and put the food over the unlit one, away from the source of heat. For gas grills with three burners, turn of the middle burner after preheating then put the food on the middle. You will be needing drip pans if you cook meats with juices like ribs and roasts. The food is on a rack in a roasting pan, and the pan is put on the grill rack. The lid of the grill is closed for the grilling process.

For another grill setup, you can try the 2-zone grilling through this link.