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How to Set Up a Propane Gas Grill

Don’t know how to set up a propane gas grill? Find out how to do it here!

Setting up the inside of the propane grills for grilling or cooking is as simple as igniting the burners and throwing a fish or meat directly into the flames, or grilling with indirect heat and wood chips covered in heavy-duty pouches to provide you with foggy flavors. With a propane gas grill, you can simply incorporate a direct or indirect set up for grilling. If you want to make grilled food fast, direct grilling is the best option. Indirect grilling works best for tough grilling and items like ribs, whole chickens, lobsters and other foods that require longer cooking time.

Direct Grilling

1. Open the grill of the lid. Coat the grate with vegetable oil to lubricate the cooking grate and avoid leaving grill marks while grilling or cooking.

2. By using the ignition switch, ignite the burner. If it does not work, you can use a barbeque lighter or a match to manually start the burner.

3. Close the lid. You have to adjust the burner dials from medium or high heat. Allow the propane gas grills to heat to 400 degrees.

4. Directly place the meat above the burners. Grill in a recommended time and temperature.

Indirect Grilling

1. Have a large container of water handy. Soak all the hardwood chips for about one hour before you start grilling.

2. Open the lid and coat the grate with vegetable oil.

3. If you are using a propane grill that has two burners, you just have to ignite one burner. For a three-burner grill, two burners must ignited, and you must leave the center unlit.

4. Close the grill’s lid and adjust the heat. Allow the heating process to continue until it is done.

5. Wet wood chips should be placed at the center of the aluminum foil sheet. Fold it around the wood chips. Using a fork, poke pouches several times so vent holes can be created.

6. Open up the grill. Use a long-hand pair of pliers so you can lift the grate. The foil pouch must be placed directly beside one of the lighted burners; then close the lid.

7. You have to wait for the smoke to rise from the foil pouch before you add meat.

8. Grill your meat, fish, or other favorite foods to your liking. Grilling will depend on your desired time or temperature.

Setting up a propane gas grill is easy. Follow the steps and you are ready to go.

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