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Propane Gas Grill – Tips on How to Use It

Don’t know how to use a propane gas grill?

In today’s society most people are fond of using a propane gas grill as the best alternative to charcoal grills. In just 10 minutes, the grills heat up, as opposed to charcoal grills that require you to wait for a long time before they are heated. It can also take you less time cleaning because it doesn’t create a mess, especially in the cooking area. There will be no charcoal or ash to clean after cooking. Only the grates should be cleaned. This kind of cooking grill is excellent for cooking or grilling foods that are delicate like fish, chicken, or vegetables, because you can easily control the heat and it won’t get too hot while cooking. If you are transferring items from one place to another, you can have a portable propane grill so you can enjoy outdoor with family and friends.

Below are the tips that will help you in using a propane gas grill.

1. To disperse any types of gas inside the unit you have to open the lid. It will be easy for you to start if there is no other gas element inside.

2. Ensure that the grill’s knobs are off. This way, the gas will not flow until you light it up.

3. Open the valve counterclockwise. This will release all the propane gas moving toward the burners.

4. Start the ignition. This is usually located at the front of the grill near burners’ knobs. If you do not have an automatic ignition, you can manually light the burner using a match or lighter.

5. Turn on the burner. Once the burner is lighted you can light the other burner if you want to use it.

6. The grill’s cover should be closed so it can be heated for 10 minutes.

7. If you want to control the burner, then use the knobs. You can grill your favorite food in your preferred way. You can cook your food over the lighted burner or on the burner with indirect heat. This is ideal if you want to grill or cook baby back ribs or fish.

8. Leave the burner for 10 minutes after you have finished cooking. This way it can burn any leftover food and anything that can interfere with the burner until next time you plan to grill.

9. Close the valve. Turn the knobs to the “off” position.

10. Allow the propane gas grill to cool down before you close the lid. Cover the propane grill and store in a safe place.
One must know how to use a propane gas grill so they can have a safe and effective grilling or cooking experience.

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