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Weber Summit S-470 2740301 Review

Weber Summit S-470 Average Rating

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The Weber 2740301 is a quality grill that utilizes liquid propane gas to cook or grill foods. This cooking unit is made available on the market by Weber, a reputable company known for its manufacturing quality and durable gas grills. Weighing 245 pounds, this grill is made of stainless steel materials, which make it rust-resistant and more hard-wearing than ever.

The Summit S-470 propane grill is good for:

  1. Seasoned grillers
  2. Grilling enthusiasts
  3. People who are fond of throwing outdoor parties
  4. Every household that enjoys outdoor-cooked foods, like barbecues

The Weber Tuck-away Rotissserie grill features four stainless steel burners that employs a maximum of 48,800 BTU’s per-hour input. Apart from these burners, this grill is also equipped with a sear burner and flush mounted side burner, smoker box and flush mounted side burner. It also features a wide grilling area, measuring 468 square inches, so you can grill more foods per batch. There is also a 112 square inch warming rack area, so you can keep the grilled foods warm while grilling the next batch. Hence, this propane grill has a total cooking area of 580 sq. inches, large enough to feed your family and friends.

What most people love about Weber Summit S-470 2740301 is that it is very user-friendly and is loaded with advanced features that help further maximize the grilling experience. One of the top-notch features is the stainless steel flavorizer bar. This feature is simply awesome because it enhance the taste of the food being grilled, making it more flavorsome and delectable. It also features a thermometer that is mounted at the center, so you can properly monitor the grill’s temperature.

The Weber 2740301 provides you with ease of use. It is very easy to ignite, thanks to its Snap-Jet™ ignition system. Not only does it help you cook more foods per batch, but it also reduces the grilling/cooking time. Moreover, this propane grill is outfitted with two durable, front locking and back swivel casters, so you can easily move it from one place to another.

Other highlights include:

  1. A 10-foot lexible hose
  2. An enclosed tank storage area and precision fuel gauge
  3. Six tool holders
  4. Superior shroud made of stainless steel
  5. One Grill Out® handle light
  6. The Summit S-470 also includes the Weber cookbook and is backed by limited manufacturer warranty.


  1. Very durable
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Rust-resistant
  4. Heats up quickly
  5. Distributes even heat

Works at it should


  1. Some find this grill hard to clean.
  2. It does not have a lightweight design.

With its solid construction and user-friendly features, the Weber 2740301 Summit S-470 is indeed a great value for the money. You can find more information and technical details about this cooking unit at

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